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Taekwondo is a great family activity. Having a common goal of reaching black belt helps bring parents and children closer together. We have many programs to assist you and your family members in obtaining the goal of black belt.

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ATA Tigers
Our ATA Tiger program is specifically designed ATA Tigers : Karate for Kids : Chardon, Munson, Hambden, Claridon for preschool children ages 4 to 6. ATA Tigers develop their coordination, improve concentration, enhance their ability to follow directions, and learn important social skills that prepare them for success in school. Our ATA Tigers have their own age-specific curriculum which keeps the classes fun and exciting, while maintaining a structured, disciplined, and positive learning experience.

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Karate Kids
The Karate Kid program is designed for children ages 7 to 12. Karate Kids learn important skills such as goal setting, sportsmanship, and teamwork. Karate for Kids : Chardon, Munson, Hambden, Claridon Karate Kids benefit from themed character building classes such as confidence, courtesy, discipline, respect, and many more. Children are rewarded for demonstrating these important character traits at home and school. All the lessons learned through our classes help the students earn better grades in school, and children receive special recognition for good grades. The technical skills learned in the Karate for Kids program improve the student's confidence as well as help them do their best in other activities and sports.

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Child Safety
At Chardon Karate for Kids we teach the Kidz'n Power program endorsed by AMBERAlert.com. This program is designed to teach: stranger danger, methods to deal with bullies, simple break-away self defense, and child abduction safety tips.

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Our Leadership Program is developed to teach children Leadership : Karate for Kids : Chardon, Munson, Hambden, Claridon how to become leaders. We believe positive leaders are needed and these skills can be developed even at an early age. Leadership students learn characteristics of a leader, public speaking skills, and how to handle peer pressure. These qualities help to develop an outgoing personality.

Our Leadership classes also learn advanced weapons sparring. Weapons sparring challenges students by using fast movements, advanced sparring strategy, and quick thinking. For weapons sparring we use special, over-padded weapons that allow a safe activity that is extremely challenging and fun.

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Taekwondo for Adults
The Adult program provides students with a friendly, Chardon ATA: Black Belt Academy informative atmosphere, and activities from which everyone regardless of age, ability, and physical condition can enjoy and benefit. Students learn
valuable self-defense techniques that give them the confidence in day to day activities. Plus, our classes are a great form of exercise and stress release.

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